Aufruf zur Beendigung der Blockade gegen Kuba

Mr. Peter R. Coneway

Ambassador of the United States


Jubiläumsstrasse 93

Postfach 5266

3001 Bern

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

On behalf of our organization I gracefully ask you to exert influence on your government regarding the subject of

The Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba


The genocidal blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States, which has spanned four decades and has been intensified over recent years, has been condemned by the United Nations General Assembly on 14 consecutive occasions by a practically unanimous vote.

Last year, 182 States demanded that it be put to an end and rejected its extraterritorial nature, thus defending the principals and rules of International Law.

The United States Government continues to ignore these demands and reinforces the web of measures and laws aimed at destroying the Cuban Revolution and denying its people their right to self rule.

On 10 July 2006 the second version of the anti-Cuban plan produced by the Commission was presented by the Bush Administration. In it new measures are identified which imply more economic sanctions, more persecution of Cuban companies, more reprisals against those who trade with Cuba and an unprecedented escalation in the financial and material

support of action aimed at destroying constitutional order in Cuba. This time the report includes a secret clause which contains recommendations that have not been published, supposedly due to reasons of “national security and effective implementation”. The Cuban

people are no strangers to this type of ”undercover” measures and actions that the anti-Cuban commission attempts to conceal, and have suffered their brutal effects for more than four decades. These proposed “secrets” have ranged from mercenary military attacks and terrorist acts to hundreds of plots to assassinate President Fidel Castro and other Cuban leaders.

According to extremely conservative analyses the direct economic damage to Cuba caused by the blockade exceeds 86 108 million dollars: an annual average of 1 832 million dollars.

In the last year, the direct economic damage to Cuba caused by the blockade exceeded 4108 million dollars.

The hostile and aggressive blockade policy imposed on Cuba has not only caused incalculable suffering among our citizens. It has also been detrimental to US citizens, limiting their possibilities in terms of business and economic and social benefits, undermining the legitimate economic interests of third countries.

On 10 July 2006, the Bush administration officially unveiled the second version of its plan to annex Cuba, whose additional measures aim to consolidate and deepen the negative impact had by the actions that have been taken since the presidential approval, on 20 May 2004, of the first report of the inaptly called „Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba“.

The new version has confirmed and expanded on the annexationist principles and directives of the first report. The new document is also aimed at depriving the Cuban people of their independence and sovereignty through intensified economic and political aggression.

According to the supporters of this new version of the plan to annex Cuba, the sorrows and vicissitudes caused by the anti-Cuban measures which have just been approved would create a climate of discontent and instability that would provide the pretext for a direct US military intervention which would destroy the Cuban revolution and restore imperial control over Cubans.

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

We assure you our sympathy to the people of the United States. Nevertheless we more and more receive the impression that they are governed by undemocratic groups with immense power. With their policy of stone-cold aggression they don’t only endanger their own country, but the international community of states as well.

We’re asking you badly to exert your good influence on the annihilation of the murderous blockade against Cuba, so that there will not be another invasion and bloodbath like in Iraq, loading even more inextinguishable guilt onto the shoulders of your country.

Yours sincerely,

Association Switzerland-Cuba

National Coordination

Samuel Wanitsch

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